Desktop header bidding in Poland, January 2020 – a market analysis

As 2020 has begun and more than half a year already passed since we published our first desktop header bidding analysis for Poland, we decided to run another iteration in order to find out what (if anything) has changed since then. We do not have a full data regarding digital advertising in Poland in the whole 2019 yet, but in the first three quarters we saw almost 10% of growth and the pace of it was even higher in the third quarter (source Given that, as the market grows and matures, we expect even more publishers to have onboarded header bidding now comparing to mid-2019.


Using the same proprietary crawler as in previous studies, we scanned desktop websites for ads.txt and prebid.js. We ran it on a list of 1000 domains that we took from the Gemius/PBI ranking for Poland for December 2019.

First, we removed all international .com domains (eg., as irrelevant in terms of an analysis of Polish publishers. After the removal there was 771 domains on the list.

Second, the list was cleaned in order to make sure that any search engines, social media and corporate websites were not included; we wanted to be 100% sure that the sample was limited to publishers only.

We only took into consideration domains our crawler reported as having implemented ads.txt file. As this IAB standard was created for the sell-side of the advertising market, everything that came without it was automatically filtered out.

The final list included 422 desktop domains. We are aware that there may be some publishers who do not use ads.txt yet, however we believe their number is limited and we wanted to avoid false positives.
Given the maturity of Polish market, we assume that ads.txt coverage is close to 100%.

The second step was to scan the remaining 422 domains for prebid.js, in order to verify how many of these domains have implemented this header bidding standard. Then we analysed the demand partners included in the prebid.js files and ranked them according to their popularity.

Since Google Ad Manager is not prebid.js compliant, we also scanned websites against direct GAM implementation.

Results can be found below. Last time we presented the numbers for top 200 and top 40 domains, so this time we are also presenting the numbers using these thresholds.


Around 55% out 771, ie. 422 of analysed domains belong to publishers as they included ads.txt files. This became the scope of the study.


Present in:
• 40% of 422 publisher domains
• 50% of top 200 publisher domains
• 68% of top 40 domains.

Demand Partners/SSPs

The most popular prebid.js demand partners in Poland


The numbers have changed comparing to the previous iteration of this report. Since we analysed a smaller number of domains, it is impossible to compare the results for the total list of 422 domains, but it is feasible for top 200 and top 40 domains. What we found out is that the level of prebid.js adoption is higher for top 200 domains (50% vs. 46%), but lower when it comes to top 40 domains – 68% comparing to 75%.

While the higher percentage for top 200 domains is something we expected, ie. proves that publishers are more likely to onboard prebid.js over time, the lower percentage for top 40 is a bit surprising. At this stage we think it is a result of two factors:

There was a significant change on the list and current top 40 domains are not the same top 40 domains we analysed back in June 2019;
Some of these publishers decided to move to S2S solutions as these technologies are gaining momentum and increasing their presence on the market.
When it comes to demand partners, Google is still the leader, but there have been some changes on other positions. Adform is now the second most popular SSPs and overtook Xandr (Appnexus) position, which is the third one now. The next three positions are held by Criteo (number 4, was number 6), Rubicon Project, which stays at the 5th place and RTB House, which was number 4, but slipped to number 6.

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