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Hey there! Still, missing some information? Not to worry, below you will find the answers! We have compiled a list of common questions covering topics such as product, legal, tech spec, data management and many more. Looking for detailed product specifications head over to the Waytogrow Solutions page for further information.

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About Waytogrow

What does Waytogrow do and who is it?

Waytogrow is a group of programmatic advertising experts and developers creating leading ad tech solutions. Our main goal is to deliver first class yield maximisation services helping publishers earn more from their digital advertising. We are present in more than 40 countries, we speak 9 languages and  we work from 4 offices between Poland and the USA with almost 50 international employees. Waytogrow belongs to the Dirlango Group, a kick starter fund specialised in ad tech and e-business investments.

What are Waytogrow’s solutions?

Our solutions are designed for digital publishers who are  looking for a reliable partner to guide them through the complexity of programmatic advertising. With a clear goal of maximising the publisher’s revenue we help them with:

  • Proper ad tech implementation: Including adserver, prebid.js (header bidding) and Supply Side Platform (SSP) access.
  • Demand management: Connection to our SSP partners tailored to find the best mix of demand for the individual publisher coupled with continued monitoring,  optimization, analytics and A/B testing.
  • Proprietary ad product: Open and Header Bidding enabled custom ad formats, lazy loading ads and many more.

All this is achieved with the combination of our own and 3rd party technologies with consulting services, both resulting from many years of our experience. We were distinguished by Google who officially recognised us as a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). This places us in an exclusive community of trusted third-party experts who offer innovative solutions and services utilising the latest Google products. We work with publishers of all shapes and sizes within a multiple of industries including entertainment, sports, news, and marketplaces.

How does Waytogrow work?

The process begins with an analysis of the publisher's existing ad inventory aimed at identifying the best possible approach to a cooperation. A set of recommendations is prepared and discussed with the publisher. Once the implementation strategy has been agreed we get to work on creating the publisher's bespoke ad setup or solution. Next, testing is carried out and if everything works as planned the solution will be approved for full implementation.Once implemented Waytogrow’s efforts shift towards optimization which is an ongoing process for the remainder of the cooperation.

More information on cooperation can be found in the tab How it works.

Are there any requirements to start working with Waytogrow?

We have no limits to our capabilities however depending on your traffic and size we will first need to analyse your web data to determine the scope of cooperation. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner we adhere to Google's policy guidelines therefore the publishers domain will first need to be approved by Google in line with the MCM program.

What are Waytogrow’s advantages compared to other providers?

Being a Google Certified Publishing Partner  guarantees credibility, legal compliance and transparency with all our actions. Waytogrow is an IAB member, this ensures that all of our solutions meet the highest online advertising standards whilst providing legal and transparent content. 

What differentiates Waytogrow:

  • Our comprehensive approach! 
  • Flexibility and propensity provide tailored solutions 
  • Customer service! We are here for you every step of the way.
  • Strong Relationships with our global demand partners, including Google, Amazon & Triplelift to name but a few!

Our solutions bridge the gap between Google Ad Manager, Server Side Open Bidding and Client-Side Header Bidding.

Where is Waytogrows based?

Waytogrow is a European based company however, we work with publishers all over the world. Our portfolio consists of dozens of international publishers and it is still growing. Success stories from our current co-operations are available in Success Stories.

GDPR & legal issues

Is Waytogrow GDPR compliant?

Yes, Waytogrow is fully GDPR compliant. We do not collect or process any sensitive user data.  The publisher remains the sole administrator for all data and consents collected on their website.

Do I need a Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

Yes, as SSPs serve targeted ads on your inventory using a Consent Management Platform is a must to reach your full ad revenue potential. In the EU CMP is a legal requirement. Waytogrow can support publishers in choosing the right CMP and guide you through the implementation process if required.

Can Waytogrow provide me with a CMP?

Yes, we offer a Consent Management Platform. The solution we provide is IAB Framework compliant and fully customizable.

How do you protect me against unwanted or sensitive ads?

Aggressive ad categories like alcohol, gambling, pornography, and terrorism are automatically blocked.

Additionally, we can block certain ad categories specific to the individual publisher. For example, we can prevent ads being displayed from your competitors or originating from specific URLs. Please note we cannot block ads from specific geographic locations.

Can my data be compromised?

We do not process any sensitive data. The publisher remains the only administrator for personal data on their website. Waytogrow’s technology merely touches non sensitive user data such as geo-location, pc/mobile model, wifi provider, and other standard information collected using authorised cookies.

Products - Business model & finance

In which business model does Waytogrow work with the publishers?

Waytogrow operates primarily on a revenue share model. We take a commission from the ad based earnings which are generated as a result of our solutions. During the initial consultation phase we will agree on a fair pricing system based on the Publishers needs. agree on a fair pricing system based on the Publishers needs. We are also flexible to discuss alternative pricing models proposed by the Publisher. For Example if the Publisher is open to sharing their financial data we are happy to operate on a fixed CPM or flat fee model.

What results can we expect?

Every piece of online ad inventory is an independent case, however, on average we report around 50-70% of the uplift in programmatic revenues.

What eCPM can you guarantee?

We do not guarantee a specific eCPM in the majority of cases. We focus on optimising your fill rates and cpms to achieve the best possible revenue for a given ad format. However, for example in the case of our Sticky Anchor Ad we predict at least a 30% revenue increase when compared to a standard Google Anchor Banner.

When and where can I see the results?

As a WTG publisher you will get access to your personal WTG Pannel where you’ll be able to monitor all the key monetization metrics related to your website updated every 24hrs. The first results will be available 24h after implementing the WTG script on your site. The initial first 2 weeks of testing will be spent optimising your ads. During this time you will see a fluctuation in the revenue as we find the best fit for your business. Once the initial optimization process is complete we will continuously monitor your site ensuring it performs at its best!

Does your solution affect direct sales and deals?

No. You keep control over sales channels and decide on priorities. We work on what’s left for open auction, however, we are always happy to analyse your existing ad strategy and prepare a set of recommendations.

How will I be paid?

Every month we provide clients with a settlement report, where the revenue is calculated. Based on this you create an invoice (45 days payment cycle) and we pay it (always on time!) via wire transfer in EUR or USD. It's so simple!

Products - facts & figures

What kind of products can you offer?

You have many options when cooperating with WTG. Firstly, You can opt for a comprehensive full integration where we manage your entire ad inventory. If this is too much, you can pick one or many of our plug and play solutions to implement in line with your existing ad setup. Still not a winner, then why not simply pass us your existing unsold impressions to monetise which will allow you to get a taste of what WTG can do for you.

Do you cover all ad formats?

Yes, we cover all ad formats. Our banners can be displayed in any shape or form, but we typically use standardised formats because they are the most effective. 

We optimise the ad formats to suit specific markets, for example, a double billboard works well for the Polish market.

What is the advantage of WTG over exchange bidding?

There are some important differences. First of all, Waytogrow is based on prebid.js this means we can connect to the majority of SSPs on the market. Exchange bidding solutions cannot offer the same level of integration and are limited with the SSPs they can offer. Second, Waytogrow is fully transparent, there are no hidden fees thanks to our commission based business model.

Products - Useful Information

How fast can we start?

Our Plug and Play solutions are ready for implementation within 1-2 business days following the approval of your domain by Google. In the more complex case of a full integration the process usually takes 5-10 business days depending on the website.

What does the implementation process look like?

After we find the best solution for your website and agree on the business model, the implementation process begins. Firstly, You will be required to complete an MCM form, we then apply for domain approval from Google. During this time you will need to provide us your ID Network Code and accept our Google Ad Manager Invitation. Once approval has been granted we will send you a unique script to implement on your website and an update to be applied within your ads.txt file. Once these steps are complete your ad units will go live and the optimisation process begins.

What Ad formats are available through Waytogrow?

As Waytogrow is built on prebid.js we support all display and video formats in desktop and mobile web. We are currently developing solutions for Mobile App. In rare cases limitations may occur on the SSP-side (Certain SSPs may not be header bidding-compliant for all ad formats).

User Experience and Page Loading Time - What are the effects?

Our Scripts are designed to be “Core Vital” friendly and are based on Prebid.js . This means they have minimum impact on both your UX and Page Loading Times. All of our solutions run independently and asynchronously to your website and have zero interaction with your existing content. This lightweight approach ensures minimum effect for you and your users whilst providing the best results for your revenue!

Third-party technologies and other sales channels

How many SSPs can I have on my site?

Theoretically, there is no limit. In practice, we analyse your site and optimise the best mix of SPPs specific to your website and audience. This insures you get the best demand/performance mix.

What if I already cooperate with certain SSPs?

That’s not a problem – we can add your accounts to the stack.

Which SSPS do you work with?

Google Ad Manager,  Amazon, Criteo, Rubicon Project, Smart, Appnexus, Index Exchange, OpenX, Adform, Pubmatic, Sovrn, DistrictM, RTB House, Teads,  Fluct plus many more. The list is constantly growing.

Can I implement pass-backs?

Yes, that’s not an issue. However, to reach the highest ad revenue potential for your inventory you should first consult this with Waytogrow.

I’d like to test Waytogrow’s demand, but I do not want to move to Google Ad Manager – what now?

We can use a solution called Ad Single Tag, this connects your ad unit directly to our ad server via a single line of code. However, in the long run a setup based on Google Ad Manager is usually more efficient.

Does Waytogrow affect my ADX / SSP rules?

No. Unless you specifically request for us to modify your delivery rules, they will remain untouched.

Still, have questions?   Drop us a message and find the answers you’ve been looking for!

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