Frequently Aasked Questions

Dear Client!

Since you are visiting this page, it is very likely you have questions regarding our products and our business. There are 5 main categories that cover the basics, technical and commercial aspects of our products, their connection to 3rd party technologies and their impact in the light of GDPR. In case you do not find a satisfying answer, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected].


What is Waytogrow?

Waytogrow is a multi-dimensional product designed for digital publishers looking for a reliable partner to guide them through the complexity of ad technologies. With a clear goal of maximizing publisher’s revenues we help them with:

  • Proper ad technology implementation, including adserver, prebid.js (header bidding) and Supply Side Platforms
  • Demand management, ie. connection to SSPs with respect to publisher’s policy, pricing rules and constant optimization through analytics and A/B tests
  • Proprietary ad products, eg. header bidding compliant custom ad formats, lazy loading ads and many more

All this is achieved with the combination of 1st and 3rd party technologies with consulting services, both resulting from many years of our experience. We were distinguished by Google who officially deemed us a Google Certified Publishing Partner, one of only 40 companies in the world.

How Waytogrow works?
The process begins with an inventory analysis aimed at identifying the best possible approach to a publisher. As a result a set of recommendations is prepared and discussed with a publisher. Once agreed, Waytgrow tech team starts working on a publisher’s setup in order to all the technologies in place. As a next step a test is run and if everything works as planned, Waytogrow team together with a publisher implements the solution on a wider scale. After reaching the full scale, Waytogrow’s efforts shift towards optimization, which is an ongoing process.

More information on technical aspects can be found in our implementation guide – please reach out to your account manager in order to obtain a copy.

What are Waytogrow’s advantages over competiton?
What makes Waytogrow different from many other publishers tech partners is:

  • A comprehensive approach, not just header bidding implementation or just yield optimization
  • Flexibility and propensity to tailor our solution Focus on consultancy and long-term relationships instead of short-time quick wins
  • Relationships with strong global demand partners, including Google, Facebook, Amazon and Criteo
  • A piece of technology efficiently bridging Google Ad Manager and client-side header bidding
  • A bunch of proprietary products, including a free of charge CMP, lazy loading ads and custom ad formats
What is Waytogrow’s business model?

Our primary model is revenue share, which means we take a share of the programmatic revenues that we manage. However, when a publisher can be transparent with their financial data, we can move to a success fee model, which consists in taking fee only from uplifts in revenue.

Nevermind publisher openness, we always suggest to start with revenue share, as it is easier to calculate, what matters a lot at the beginning.

What is the advantage of WTG over exchange bidding?

There are two most important differences. First of all, Waytogrow is based on prebid, which means we can connect to majority of SSPs on the market. Exchange bidding solutions usually include only a handful of them and it is unlikely to change anytime soon. Second, Waytogrow is fully transparent and works with no hidden fees. Given the fact it calls prebid in the backend, page load times are not affected.

Product – commercial aspects

What results can we expect?

Every piece of online ad inventory is an independent case, however, on average we report around 50-70% of uplift in programmatic revenues.

What eCPM can you guarantee?

We do not guarantee any level of eCPM as this metric only partially correlates with total revenues. It is possible to achieve very high eCPM, but it comes at a cost of very low fill rate and may lead to drops in total revenues. What we focus on instead is ad request eCPM or RPM, which is closer to the big picture.

Does your solution have an impact on direct sales and direct deals?
No. You keep control over sales channels and decide on priorities. We work on what’s left for open auction, however, we are always happy to analyse your current policy and prepare a set of recommendations.

What happens to my brand safety and blacklisting policy?

We comply with your policy and replicate all delivery rules – there is no risk for your brand safety by any means.

Do you also assist with direct deals?

Not at this stage, but such an offer is currently in progress. Stay tuned.

Product – technical aspects

Does Waytogrow’s script affect user experience?

Not at all. It is a simple script that calls external libraries, which don’t interfere with site’s content. Whatever is crucial for your users, it will be affected by Waytogrow’s technology.

Does Waytogrow’s script affect a page load time?

No. Our solution calls prebid in the backend, so have full control over the timeout.

Do you support both synchronous and asynchronous tags?

Currently Waytogrow supports asynchronous tags only.

Why do I see unfilled impressions?
Based on our experience, 100% fill rate is rarely followed by the highest ad request eCPM/RPM. The highest revenues are usually reported when fill rate is reasonable high, but not 100% – hence unfilled impressions.

What ad formats are available through Waytogrow?

As Waytogrow is built on prebid.js, the only limitations that may occur are on the SSP-side, ie. SSPs may not be header bidding-compliant in terms of particular ad formats. For now we support all display and video formats and native to a certain extent in terms desktop and mobile web. Solutions for mobile apps are in progress.

Waytogrow and 3rd party technologies and other sales channels

How many SSPs can you connect?

As many as prebid.js can accept. Theoretically there is no limit, in practice it rarely makes sense to connect more than 10 platforms.

What if I already have relationships with some SSPs?

That’s not a problem – we can add your accounts to the stack.

What platforms are you already connected to?

Google Ad Manager, Facebook Audience Network, Amazon, Criteo, Rubicon Project, Smart, Appnexus, Index Exchange, OpenX, Adform, Pubmatic, Sovrn, DistrictM, RTB House and there is more to come.

Can I implement pass-backs?

Yes, that’s not an issue.

I’d like to try Waytogrow, but I do not want to move to Google Ad Manager – what now?

We can use a solution called Ad Single, which connects directly to the adserver via tag. However, setup based on Google Ad Manager is usually more efficient.

Does Waytogrow affect my ADX / SSP rules?

No. As long as you do not give us consent to modify your delivery rules, they will stay untouched.


Is Waytogrow GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is, but please be aware that in the light of GDPR Waytogrow does not process data, so user consent on behalf of all 3rd parties needs to be obtained by a publisher.

We do not have any CMP, what now?

In such case there is a big probability you are not reaching your full ad revenue potential as SSPs do not serve targeting ads on your inventory. However, as a Waytogrow client you can use our own CMP, which is IAB Framework-compliant and free of charge.

Is your CMP IAB Framework-compliant?

Yes, it is.

Is your CMP customizable?

Yes, we can use multiple types of consent windows as well as comply with both opt-in and opt-out scenarios.