GROW Sticky Banner

GROW Sticky Banner

GROW Sticky Banner is a technologically advanced anchor ad format utilizing the full power of SSP demand in both open and header bidding environments. It is proven to be one of the most user-friendly ad formats in addition to being an effective tool for successful monetization. Its inbuilt reload feature and fully formattable design coupled with Waytogrows’s optimization technology result in some of the highest fill rates on the market. Available for both mobile and desktop.

Growth in details:

Average eCPM growth >50%

User friendly ad format, no risk for UX

Can be limited to selected domains or subdomains only

Viewability Rate >90%

Renders on a separate, non-transparent layer

Works with WordPress, SPA and AMP websites

Refreshes every 30 seconds

Customizable background and closing button

Multi-size formatting: 320×50, 320×100, 360×100, 360×50

GROW Sticky Banner

Technical specifications

Proven by a real life results:

54% revenue growth is the tip of the Stiletto using the GROW Sticky Banner! is one of Poland’s largest fashion and lifestyle magazines. Tired of the high street it was time for something new! Along came to Waytogrow bringing a fresh new style to banner ads. Having tried it on for the first time almost 4 years ago the publisher has yet to take it off!

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