GROW Sticky Banner

GROW Sticky Banner

Often described as an extension to the Google AdSense Anchor Ad, our kind of Sticky Banner is not only trivially simple to implement, but also works in a header bidding system. Available for both mobile and desktop, fully independent, multi-sizing, and with a viewability of over 90%, makes It a perfect ad format for plenty of publishers. Using the example of our client: “styl. fm”, we have boosted their Ad Revenue by 45%, the number of ad requests by 120k and the viewability of ads by 23%.

Growth in details:

Average eCPM growth >50%

User friendly ad format, no risk for UX

Can be limited to selected domains or subdomains only

Viewability Rate >90%

Renders on a separate, non-transparent layer

Works with WordPress, SPA and AMP websites

Refreshes every 30 seconds

Customizable background and closing button

Multi-size formatting: 320×50, 320×100, 360×100, 360×50

Proven by a real life results:

Anchor Ad Unit revenue increased by 54% is a top of the iceberg

With one of the largest fashion and lifestyle online magazines in Poland, we knew how to play our cards from the very beginning. The ace in our sleeve turned out to be an authentic deal breaker. The astonished client has never said goodbye since then.

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