GROW Smart Engine

GROW Smart Engine

Are you a fan of smart solutions? It's time to meet GROW Smart Engine! This innovative tool builds a dynamic display ad network within your articles on both mobile and desktop, automatically embedding the ads within the predefined parameters on your page. It packs the full power of Waytogrows SSP demand coupled with an intelligent reload feature all in one easy to use unit!

Growth in details:

Average revenue growth >50%

Powered by intellegent AI technology

Preset interspace between own and pre-existing ads

Provides highly viewable (VR of 70% & more) ad placements

Fully adjustable to your business and UX needs

Can be limited to selected domains, subdomains or content

Dynamically insert ads within your article pages

Includes multiple ad formats per device

Works with WordPress and SPA (Single Page Application)

Works in lazy loading mode

Does not interfere with the existing ad structure

GROW Smart Engine

Technical specifications

Proven by a real life results:

One month is all it took to increase their advertising revenue by 30%

“What is worth doing is worth doing well” Nicolas Poussin – it was time for a renaissance at Dailyart Magazine and Waytogrow knew what to do! Utilizing a number of solutions and optimization techniques the publisher’s revenue increased overnight along with the user experience rating.

rocket with path Daily Art Magazine

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