The secret growth formula

Waytogrow values your time as much as your revenue growth. Therefore a quick and easy-to-implement ad optimization procedure is essential. 5 simple steps ensure your ads run efficiently whilst maximizing revenue generation. Are you interested in learning more?

Growth Path

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1 Introduction
2 Terms & offer
3 Implementation
4 Testing
5 Full onboarding
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This meeting will focus on defining the publisher’s needs and showcasing Waytogrow Solutions. Giving you an opportunity to get to know the team at Waytogrow and learn how the integration works. A market representative will answer any questions you might have. After the call, you should have a clear vision of what cooperation with Waytogrow looks and feels like.

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Terms & offer

After the initial meeting, Waytogrow will prepare for the publisher a dedicated offer. This will include a revenue forecast, an advertising layout plan, the business model proposal, and any relevant financial information. Waytogrow will present an implementation plan and discuss with you all the key factors to ensure both sides are ready for the next phase!

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The next step is a call with the Waytogrow technical account team. They will help the publisher to configure their systems and advise on how to implement Waytogrow’s code onto the website. The publisher will be introduced to their account manager who will be available to answer any questions and guide them through the entire process. Waytogrow will send the publisher’s domain for approval to Google’s MCM program and all SSP partners, this usually takes 1-2 days. Once all the relevant information has been received and the approvals granted the testing phase can commence.

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This marks the beginning of testing and here is where things get really fun! Waytogrow gets to work at optimizing the publisher’s ads units and finding the most effective demand source mix for the given domain. This takes on average two weeks to perfect but it’s worth the wait! After completion, the ads will be fully optimized ensuring they generate the highest possible revenue. Now the publisher has two weeks to monitor the full power of Waytogrow’s solutions using the custom-built analytics panel. Upon completion of the testing period, there is no obligation to continue the cooperation.

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Full onboarding

It’s finally time to sign the deal and become a Waytogrow publisher! At this point, all contractual obligations are finalized whilst Waytogrow continues fine-tuning the publisher’s optimization model to ensure their ad inventory is performing at its best. From here on you are guaranteed world-class customer service with access to all the latest cutting-edge ad-tech solutions! Joining a Google Certified Publishing Partner ensures a front-row seat for all the latest releases and tech updates. As a result, publishers need not worry about surprise algorithm adjustments or policy changes that can negatively impact revenue. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and prepare to watch your ad revenue grow!

Recipe for Growth – find the best business model for you:

Revenue share

Revenue share is a win-win business model for both the publisher and Waytogrow. The incentive is there for both partners to optimize their technology ensuring the best results and revenue maximization. Results can be tracked using the Waytogrow Panel. A bespoke analytics tool was developed to track all metrics specific to each individual publisher. Waytogrow Solutions are designed to have minimal impact on the publisher’s UX and operate with agile efficiency.


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A win-win business model ensuring full transparency

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Guaranteed rates that are fair and competitive

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Builds a long-standing working partnership and acts as a driver for mutual gain

Fixed CPM

This billing model guarantees a fixed CPM for the given ad format. Depending on the publisher’s preferences a fixed CPM model can be agreed upon as the preferred earning model across their inventory.


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Fixed CPM based on the publisher’s geographical audience

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Perfect for video advertising formats, with no hidden fees!

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Guaranteed price for every impression

Customized business model

Every publisher has different priorities and a one size fits all approach is hard to achieve. Working together Waytogrow can develop a bespoke business model specific to an individual publisher’s needs. What matters for you? Maximum revenue, the highest possible fill rate, or a specific ad unit CPM? All options are on the table!


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Tailored to the publisher’s specific needs

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Fully flexible approach

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Possibility of combining various pricing models

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