GROW Video Player

GROW Video Player

Are you a fan of video? Well, your readers definitely are! Try out our GROW Video Player, and we will help you display eye-catching in-stream advertisements. This format has some of the highest earning results on the market. Couple this with your own video content and bridge the gap between your Website and Youtube channel. Video is the future of programmatic, become a pioneer today!

Growth in details:

Comprehensive solution for in stream ad type streaming

Streaming based on publisher’s content or Waytogrow’ stocks

Report panel

Simple integration, streaming possibility also through adserver

Works on desktop/mobile and AMP

Technical support

Programmatic demand in Google Ad Exchange and header bidding

Proven by a real life results:

Meet the power of video ads and let us increase your total revenue by 50% with it!

Waytogrow’s list of solutions and optimization tools are just like a good movie. You don’t want it to end. Many publishers incorrectly underestimate the power of video ads possibilities and monetization potential. Grab a piece of video ads market pie with us.

Are you unconvinced which product to choose? Let’s discuss it.

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