GROW Video Player

GROW Video Player

Are you passionate about videos? Your readers certainly are! Try out the highest-earning ad format – the GROW Video Player – and engage your audience with captivating in-stream advertisements. Combine it with visually appealing video content that seamlessly connects your website to your YouTube channel. Don’t have a YouTube channel? No worries! Waytogrow can provide you with copyright-approved content tailored to your market. Embrace the future of programmatic advertising with video ads for publishers!

Growth in details:

Comprehensive solution for in stream ad type streaming

Streaming based on publisher’s content or Waytogrow’ stocks

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Simple integration, streaming possibility also through adserver

Works on desktop/mobile and AMP

Technical support

Programmatic demand in Google Ad Exchange and header bidding

Technical specifications

The GROW Video Player is an innovative video ad solution for broadcasting

in-stream advertisements on a publisher’s website. It is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile formats, including AMP environments. Considered as the highest  earning ad format for publishers, the GROW Video Player offers access to dynamic video ad networks, allowing you to effectively monetize your content with the addition of video ads. 

The GROW Video Player can be implemented in two variants: Ad Wrapper or Ad Content.

The Ad Wrapper

The Ad Wrapper is a comprehensive solution that offers various technologies, including a video player, content management, and advertising setup. Its main goal is to maximize publisher revenue through content monetization. Here are the key features of this format:

  • Automatic ad playback occurs only when the GROW Video Player is within the active visibility area. This ensures that users are served ads only when they interact with the player, resulting in higher quality views and better value for advertisers.
  • In-stream ad broadcasting must adhere to the guidelines set by Google for video publishers. You can find these guidelines at this URL:
  • We provide separate integration scripts for desktop and mobile versions (including tablets). Alternatively, a single script can be implemented to detect the device on which the ad is being played.
  • The player’s operation and integration on the website are done in collaboration with Waytogrow, ensuring a seamless process.
  • The GROW Video Player has the necessary technical capabilities to make calls on the website, including player embedding. In cases where a video ad is not available, a display ad (passback) can be shown instead.
  • By default, the GROW Video Player remains hidden if there are no buyers for a particular ad view. However, it’s possible to permanently embed the player or display a backup advertisement (passback) for inhouse ad campaigns.
  • If there is no content available for the player, Waytogrow can provide non-thematically matched material, or with the publisher’s consent, use their own video materials that comply with copyright laws and do not violate Google’s policies.
  • Publishers can provide their own editorial video materials, but certain conditions must be met, including:

▪ The publisher must have full rights to the provided materials for monetization purposes.

▪ Video length – up to 2-10 minutes 

▪ File size – preferably max. 1GB 

▪ Movie quality – specified aspect ratio 

▪ File format – MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV or AVI 

Waytogrow takes responsibility for creating and implementing properly prepared advertising solutions on the publisher’s website. This involves embedding the script that calls the GROW Video Player library into the website’s code or using an ad server or other tools to call a dedicated script. Pre-testing within the publisher’s domain is possible before the actual ad broadcasting.

The Ad Content

In addition to the Ad Wrapper solution, GROW also offers Ad Content, which enables publishers to access advertising demand within their existing video player embedded on their websites. By integrating with Waytogrow systems, in areas such as Google (Ad Exchange / Open Bidding) and Header Bidding, the publisher has access to an additional source of income. In addition to using publicly available resources, we also provide the opportunity to generate revenue through Programmatic Guaranteed / Direct channels, as well as with the largest video ad providers, helping you to get the most money on the video channel.  

Own Direct type campaigns 

Waytogrow may provide the player technology to display in-stream advertisements for the implementation of its own (direct) campaigns on the publisher’s websites, within the framework of a predetermined commission and business assumptions. Arrangements in this respect are subject to individual consideration by Waytogrow. 

The GROW Video Player is compatible with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 11 and above), and Opera. This ensures wide browser compatibility and allows publishers to reach a larger audience with their video ad campaigns.

Proven by a real life results:

The powerful GROW Video Player increased the publisher’s total revenue by 50%!

Video is the future of programmtic! Have you got your ticket yet? Waytogrows’ ad serving technology combined with a powerful video player offers you a front-row seat to the show! Unlock new monetization opportunities and serve engaging video content to your users today.

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    • Unlocking Revenue Potential: Monetizing Content with Video Ads for Publishers:

      Monetizing websites has become a top priority for publishers looking to generate sustainable revenue. Today, publishers are seeking innovative ways and effective strategies to maximize their revenue streams without harming the user experience. Video advertising solutions have emerged as one of the most valuable and highest-earning ad formats in the digital advertising landscape. 

      By seamlessly integrating video ads into website content, publishers can unlock new monetization opportunities and enhance the user experience. Video ads for publishers offer a visually compelling medium that captures the attention of viewers and drives engagement, ultimately leading to increased ad revenue.


      The Benefits of Monetizing Content with Video Ads:

      Video advertising solutions offer a dynamic and engaging format that captivates audiences while providing lucrative opportunities for publishers, allowing them to significantly boost ad revenue in a non-intrusive way. Let’s explore the benefits of monetizing content with video ads: 

      1. Enhanced User Engagement: Video ads for publishers have the power to captivate audiences and keep them fully engaged. The dynamic nature of video content allows publishers to convey their message more effectively, resulting in higher user interaction and prolonged website visits.
      2. Increased Revenue Potential: Video ads have proven to be highly lucrative for publishers. The demand for video ad inventory is constantly growing, and advertisers are willing to pay a premium for the opportunity to showcase their products or services to a captive audience. By monetizing videos on websites, publishers can tap into this high-demand market and significantly boost their revenue.

      Introducing the GROW Video Player: Innovative Video Ad Solution

      At the forefront of video player monetization, Waytogrow’s GROW Video Player offers publishers an innovative video ad solution to monetize their websites effectively. With its dynamic video ad network and advanced features, the GROW Video Player empowers publishers to captivate their audience with engaging in-stream advertisements like never before. 

      The GROW Video Player allows users to integrate visually appealing video content that bridges the gap between their website and YouTube channel. Don’t have a YouTube channel? No worries! Waytogrow provides copyright-approved content tailored to your specific market, ensuring you can leverage the power of video advertising regardless of your existing channels.

      Why Choose the GROW Video Player?

      1. Cutting-Edge Technology: The GROW Video Player harnesses state-of-the-art technology to deliver dynamic video ad campaigns. Its advanced ad-serving capabilities ensure precise targeting and optimal ad delivery, maximizing revenue potential for publishers.
      2. Flexibility and Customization: The GROW Video Player allows publishers to tailor their video ad placements to suit their website’s design and layout. With flexible integration options, publishers can seamlessly integrate video ads into their content while maintaining a cohesive user experience.
      3. Unparalleled Performance: The GROW Video Player is designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring smooth video playback and minimal buffering. This enhances user satisfaction and engagement, leading to higher ad viewability and increased revenue for publishers.

      Key Features and Benefits of the GROW Video Player:

      Harnessing the Power of Video ads for publishers

      Monetizing websites with video ads for publishers presents an unparalleled opportunity to unlock revenue potential and enhance the user experience. With the GROW Video Player’s innovative video ad solution, publishers can tap into the power of dynamic video ad networks and monetize their content effectively. By embracing video advertising solutions, publishers can stay at the forefront of digital monetization strategies and capitalize on the most valuable ad format available today.