GROW Interstitial

GROW Interstitial

Full-screen ad format displayed whilst switching between pages. User-friendly, high earning and effective ad format. The product consists of two modules (Ad Wrapper and Ad Content) and is fully compatible with Google Chrome Mobile, Safari Mobile and Mozilla Firefox Mobile.

Growth in details:

Covering website elements and full screen displayed ad

Renders only when users move from one page to another

Can be limited to selected domains or subdomains only

User-friendly, no risk for UX

Right hand side closing button

Simple and easy to close

GROW Interstitial

Technical specifications

Proven by a real life results:

Increase your Programmatic Advertising revenue by over 200% with us!

We always aim for the best final results. Maximizing and optimizing ALO.RS advertising revenue was the key. Fortunately, we found it in the form of our always dependable solutions. Both them and our effort conveyed to expanding their inventory and long-lasting co-operation.

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