GROW Interstitial

GROW Interstitial

The GROW Interstitial advertising solution, known as vignette ads, is a full-screen format displayed while switching between pages. This user-friendly and high-earning ad unit can significantly enhance your inventory by leveraging open and header bidding connectivity. The product consists of two modules (Ad Wrapper and Ad Content) and is fully compatible in both mobile and desktop.

Growth in details:

Covering website elements and full screen displayed ad

Renders only when users move from one page to another

Can be limited to selected domains or subdomains only

User-friendly, no risk for UX

Right hand side closing button

Simple and easy to close

Technical specifications

The GROW Interstitial, also known as vignette ads, is a full-screen interstitial advertising solution displayed during the transition between web pages. The vignette banner appears when the user moves to another subpage, and as soon as the ad closes, the transition is resumed.

By  monetizing content with interstitial banners, website owners can enhance their inventory and optimize ad revenue. The product consists of two modules (Ad Wrapper and Ad Content) and is fully compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

Ad Wrapper:

  • The ad is displayed in full-screen mode across all devices.
  • It covers all elements of the website, appearing in the foreground.
  • The ad is centered horizontally and vertically on the displayed layer.
  • It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • Device recognition is based on browser headers or screen width.
  • Optionally, the display of the Ad Wrapper can be limited to a specific screen width.
  • The ad close button is positioned at the top of the ad layer.
  • It allows limiting links to specific domains.
  • After closing the ad, it cannot be recalled again, ensuring a cap on ad impressions per user.
  • The format with Ad Content can be called after a specified number of clicks.

Ad Content:

The GROW Interstitial provides access to a wide range of programmatic traffic. It serves ads through the Google Ad Manager (GAM) ad server, leveraging Google demand sources such as Ad Exchange, AdSense, Open Bidding, Programmatic Guaranteed/Direct, as well as dedicated SSP platforms in the Header Bidding configuration using prebid.js. It also integrates with Amazon.

The GROW Interstitial advertising format ensures browser compatibility with popular browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 11 and above), and Opera.

Proven by a real life results:

Programmatic advertising revenue increased by +200% with Waytogrow!

At Waytogrow final results matter! In the case of ALO.RS, the full suite of Waytogrow solutions was utilized to bring some outstanding results to the publisher. This is a case of a truly symbiotic relationship! Keen to expand its offering ALO.RS opened the door to a full inventory take over and the results speak for themselves.

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    • Enhancing Website Monetization with Interstitial Ads

      Enhancing website monetization has become a key goal for online businesses seeking to maximize their revenue streams. One effective method that has gained significant traction is the use of interstitial advertising, also known as vignette ads, which has proven to be a powerful tool for boosting ad revenue. By strategically displaying full-screen ads during page transitions, businesses can effectively captivate users’ attention and drive greater engagement. The high viewability of display vignette banners results in a premium advertising space with increased CPMs, making it attractive for both advertisers and publishers alike. 

      Benefits of Using Dynamic Interstitial Ads

      One of the standout features of the interstitial advertising format is its commitment to providing user-friendly ad experiences. Unlike intrusive ads that disrupt user flow, dynamic interstitial ads seamlessly integrate into the browsing journey. This approach ensures a positive user experience while still delivering impactful advertising messages. With the vignette banners, publishers and website owners can strike a balance between monetization and user satisfaction.

      Introducing the GROW Interstitial: Revolutionizing Display Vignette Banners

      The GROW Interstitial by Waytogrow is a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize website monetization. This innovative ad format, also known as vignette banners or display vignettes, appears as a full-screen ad during page transitions. It covers the entire screen, capturing users’ attention with its visually engaging content. The GROW Interstitial advertising format provides a seamless and immersive ad experience, maximizing the potential for higher click-through rates and conversions.

      Why Choose the GROW Interstitial?

      When it comes to selecting an interstitial advertising solution, the GROW Interstitial stands out for several reasons. Firstly, it offers compatibility across both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of the platform. Additionally, it allows website owners to limit the display of ads to specific domains or subdomains, giving them greater control over their advertising content. The GROW Interstitial also features a user-friendly design, with a prominent closing button that makes it easy for users to dismiss the ad when desired.

      Interstitial ad revenue optimization

      Monetizing content with interstitial ads has become increasingly popular due to its potential to generate higher ad revenue. The GROW Interstitial empowers website owners to optimize their monetization efforts by offering a compelling and effective ad format. Leveraging this solution, businesses can enhance their inventory and unlock new opportunities for maximizing revenue streams.

      Harnessing the Power of Monetization with Interstitial Ads

      In the realm of website monetization, interstitial advertising has proven to be a valuable tool. By providing user-friendly interstitial ad experiences, the GROW Interstitial advertising solution enables website owners to enhance their monetization efforts and optimize ad revenue with advanced ad sourcing technology from both Google Ad Exchange and Prebid.js in one single ad unit. Embracing the power of interstitial ads, businesses can unlock new revenue streams and create engaging experiences for their users.

      To take your advertising strategy to the next level, it’s time to embrace the power of vignette ads with the GROW Interstitial. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover how Waytogrow can revolutionize your advertising strategy.