What are Waytogrow’s solutions?

What are Waytogrow’s solutions?

Our solutions are designed for digital publishers who are  looking for a reliable partner to guide them through the complexity of programmatic advertising. With a clear goal of maximising the publisher’s revenue we help them with:

  • Proper ad tech implementation: Including adserver, prebid.js (header bidding) and Supply Side Platform (SSP) access.
  • Demand management: Connection to our SSP partners tailored to find the best mix of demand for the individual publisher coupled with continued monitoring,  optimization, analytics and A/B testing.
  • Proprietary ad product: Open and Header Bidding enabled custom ad formats, lazy loading ads and many more.

All this is achieved with the combination of our own and 3rd party technologies with consulting services, both resulting from many years of our experience. We were distinguished by Google who officially recognised us as a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). This places us in an exclusive community of trusted third-party experts who offer innovative solutions and services utilising the latest Google products. We work with publishers of all shapes and sizes within a multiple of industries including entertainment, sports, news, and marketplaces.

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