Flying above the clouds, Monetization at eSky Group

+ 776 %

Through the 5-year partnership, Waytogrow increased the publisher’s ad revenue by 776%

+ 242 %

Ad requests and eCPM have increased consecutively by 242% and 163%

7,4 x

RPM index has increased by 7,4 times

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For over 5 years, Waytogrow has been collaborating with eSky Group, owner of a leading travel platform in the CEE region. With nearly 100 domains operating globally and attracting millions of users annually, the publisher aimed to generate profits from advertisements while safeguarding their core business and ensuring a positive user experience. Yearning for great success, they joined forces with Waytogrow to optimize their ad inventory and watch their revenue take off!


Following a comprehensive analysis of eSkys websites and a thorough breakdown of the client’s requirements, Waytogrow implemented a customized programmatic display ad-grid for the entire eSky Group, leveraging tailored strategies for each domain whilst optimizing the ad inventory management process. To improve the quality and value of advertising across the publisher’s portfolio, we implemented an extensive long-term open market inventory improvement strategy, aimed at increasing the appeal of the inventory for premium advertisers, resulting in increased CPMs and improved ad quality across eSky domains.


Through a collaborative partnership spanning over 5 years, Waytogrow and eSky Group have achieved incremental growth in advertising revenue whilst minimizing user churn. The publisher has successfully generated a profit from its display ad inventory, establishing a sustainable and long-term revenue stream. By addressing the publisher’s specific concerns and tailoring solutions to their unique needs, this collaboration has demonstrated how businesses can benefit from the full suite of Waytogrows advertising management services. Between 2018 and 2023, eSky Group’s advertising revenue increased by an impressive 776%, while maintaining consistent viewability. Ad requests and eCPM experienced notable increases of 242% and 163% respectively. Furthermore, the RPM witnessed an extraordinary growth of 7.4 times, reaching an unprecedented level.  

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Page Views Publisher revenue +87% +96% +72%
2020 2021 2022 2023 Ad Revenue Ad Requests RPM +242% +776%

“We started our journey with Waytogrow back in 2018 and have been continuing it until today. From the very beginning of our cooperation, Waytogrow has demonstrated careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of our requirements. They have made significant contributions to maximizing our revenue streams, and the results we have achieved together have far surpassed our initial expectations.”

Hubert Choroszewski, Partnership Director at eSky Group

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