Waytogrow hits the Big Screen

+ 50 %

In the first 4 months using video alone, we increased the publishers total revenue by 50%

+ 70 %

In the off season, we boosted RPM by over 70% when compared to the previous peak season best!

+ 50 %

50% of Sennik.biz’s total revenue is now generated from video ads

Client of Waytogrow


Waytogrow’s philosophy revolves around optimization! We design solutions and ad units to exceed our customers expectations. Our focus is to help Publishers maximize their revenue with minimum impact on their reader experience all whilst maintaining an exceptional level of customer care.


Intelligent solutions are a great way to achieve your goals with minimum effort. Our GROW Smart Engine automatically creates the most effective in-article ad structures, placing optimized ad units in the highest impact areas within the article. This can be incorporated with our GROW Video Player to offer optimum results.


GROW Video Player implementation increased the publisher’s ad revenue by an average of 50% over the first 4 months. This significantly beat the estimated seasonal market value. The RPM was 70% higher in January and February compared to the traditionally more profitable months of September and October. Video ads now make up half the total revenue generated for Sennik.biz.

September October November December January February Ad Revenue 2019/2020 2020/2021 DISPLAY DISPLAY DISPLAY VIDEO +13% DISPLAY VIDEO +82% DISPLAY VIDEO +62% DISPLAY VIDEO +40%
RPM Pageviewers September October November December January February

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