Fueled by knowledge: A-ha’s path to profitability

+ 207 %

Just in 8 months, the publisher’s ad revenue has increased by 207% thanks to the combination of Waytogrow Solutions’ reload feature and the organic growth of users on the publisher’s website.

+ 243 %

Meanwhile, the publisher was working on website growth, which resulted in a 243% increase of ad impressions.

+ 95 %

The Page View RPM index and eCPM have consecutively increased by 95% and 48%.

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A-ha Company is a Korean online platform for fostering knowledge sharing, where users can engage with inquiries across a wide range of topics and receive answers from a diverse pool of experts. The publisher had taken their first step towards monetization by opting for the Google AdSense automatic ads solution. However, seeking better results, they decided to explore new possibilities and partnered with Waytogrow to optimize their inventory and drive revenue growth.


Waytogrow initiated the implementation process by conducting a comprehensive website analysis, gathering data from the publisher’s existing ad units. Taking into account A-ha’s expectations and requirements, Waytogrow developed a customized setup that integrated intelligent Plug & Play solutions – the GROW Sticky Banner and multiple Ad Single units on both mobile and desktop.
The publisher had never previously utilized a Google Ad Manager account, so Waytogrow took the initiative to create one for them, systematically introducing the tool to the publisher and providing ongoing support throughout the process. By integrating SSP Demand with open bidding, Prebid and Google Ad Exchange, Waytogrow has crafted a tailored programmatic solution to address A-ha’s specific needs.


Thanks to Waytogrow Solutions’ and features such as smart reload coupled with increased demand from Prebid and Ad Exchange along with the natural growth of users on the publisher’s website, A-ha Company has achieved outstanding results. Within the first 3 months of our cooperation, they experienced a 110% boost in advertising revenue. By the 8-month milestone, this increase had reached 207%. Concurrently, the number of ad impressions on the publisher’s website reached a 243% increase within just one year. Most notably, the RPM index and eCPM showed consecutive increases of 95% and 48% respectively. This has effectively meant the publisher was able to double the earning potential of each pageview to their website without the need for creating additional advertising space on their domain in line with the strict UX requirements of their editorial team.

September October November December January Publisher revenue 2022 Publisher revenue 2023
February March April May Ad Revenue RPM Ad impressions +95% +110% WaytogrowImplementation

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